Happy 4th of July! (from the lovely Hazel Scott)

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These images captured the rustic charm that is synonymous with island life but they had a very cosmopolitan appeal. They were part of the promotional shoot for Ikesha Art’s SS2014 Handbag collection. Ikesha Art is the brainchild of Vincentian designer Ikesha Delpesche who specialises in making one of a kind clutches, purses and handbags.”

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[Reagan’s 1986 Executive Order 12548]

Republicans get their “facts” mixed up so frequently, you’d almost swear they’re always distorting the truth on purpose

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""These social justice bloggers need to calm the fuck down," said the young white male blogger, bewildered and angered by the idea that anyone could take issue with a world that suits him so perfectly."

— ayiman (

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CultureSOUL: Vintage *African American* Barbershops

The Great Migration era.

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We can be heroes, just for one day.

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